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Adiconsum is a consumer association with over 60,000 members born in 1987 promoted by CISL trade union.

It is present throughout the national territory, with about 150 local, provincial and regional offices where operators, volunteers and managers provide assistance and individual and collective protection for consumers and their families.

Adiconsum negotiates and consults on individual and collective defense of the consumer conditions for the elimination of harassment, unfair commercial practices, the scams that people and families suffer daily from unscrupulous companies.

Adiconsum works in close synergy with authorities and institutions that have consumer protection as their mission.

Adiconsum places at the center of their actions: the training, the information, the joint mediation of disputes between consumers and companies and best practices such as protection tools and consumers ransom.



Consumer Rights Association was founded on 18 th of January in 1991. The Association consists of 38 subdivisions with approximately 10.000 members. Purpose of the Association is; to build universal consumer rights in Turkey and to spread those rights widely; to inform, to teach and to organize the people on the base of those rights; to make the produced goods and services fit with consumer rights. The Association is to endeavour in accordance with the depicted purpose, on the subjects such as food-nutrition, water, energy, banking services, financial services, telecomunication services, transportation services.

The Association also studies on price policies of the services and goods, mentioned above,; on purchasing power of the consumers; on consumer complaints about different issues in daily life. In addition to these studies, studies against misleading and exploiting advertisements, especially food ads for children, are carried out and it's attempted on product safety issues. 

Seminars, conferences, panel discussions and workshops are carried out by the Association, in order to inform and to teach the members and and the units of subdivisions. Media release is performed by the Association on current issues, involving consumers. Live programs are also performed in media.

The most important problems for the Association are fiscal ones. The Association does not receive financial support from any public organization.




Consumer Protection Association,TukoDer, is active NGO in order to protect and improve the consumer rights all over TURKEY  and has 52 branches with total of 52.000 members.

Izmir Consumer Protection Association was founded as a branch of TukoDer in May 1995. It has 1100 members and works in close cooperation with other institutions and organizations to protect consumer rights.

Besides organising awareness raising campaigns on consumer issues, TukoDer is also organising educational activities at schools on consumer protection.

TukoDer is an independent and unbiased NGO,it does not accept any donations from other commercial organizations. It runs with the help of its volunteer members.




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