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Description of the project

The Change in Consumers Movement project (LEAD - Leading the change in Turkey) is an European Project carried out by three consumers associations, Adiconsum (IT) as coordinator and two Consumers associations in Turkey: THD and Tukoder Izmir. The project is aimed at assisting and contributint to the transfer of knowledge and expertise between consumers associations in Italy and Turkey through a variety of activities, such as mentoring and training programs aiming to raise awareness and explore together with Turkish consumers associations, the tools used to raise funds, to make media campaigns, to create bilateral long-term activities with companies, organizing opportunities for interaction and dialogue between the institutions and civil society organizations, both Italian and Turkish; implement communication campaigns and consumer awareness in Turkey about their rights and the concept of critical consumption.

Aims of the LEAD PROJECT

  1. To facilitate the cultural change in the Turkish market with a multi-stakeholder strategy
  2. To strengthen the consumer movement
  3. Improving the knowledge and understanding in Turkey of the acquis communautaire in consumers field
  4. Promote the involvement of civil society in decision-making
  5. Make more informed consumers through raising awareness and education activities.


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