LEAD project: 3-days Training course, 22-24/11/2016 in Antalya

Within the "LEAD - Change in Consumer Movement” project, a training course in Antalya from 22 to 24 November 2016 has been held, addressing 50 people, representing project partners (Tukoder e THD), other consumers associations and civil society organization as well as local institutions, whose mission is the consumers protection in Turkey.

The aim of the training activity was to develop an integrated view of the legal issues of consumer protection, a critical insight into the role of the consumer through a comparison between the different experiences gained in Italy, Europe and Turkey. The ultimate aim was to increase the competences of consumer protection managers and workers by providing them with an overall view of European legislation, instruments, rules, procedures and jurisprudence guidelines in order to meet the needs of consumers, business and public administration.

The training course was also an occasion to compare the different experiences among consumer protection staff attending the course to represent a basis for continuing the work done during the 3 days through the online platform, one of the core of the LEAD project, as a tool to gather, dialogue and cooperate between the different associations.

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