Stakeholders Community

What is the Stakeholders Community

The creation of a Stakeholder Community is one of the activities provided for in the LEAD - Change in Consumer Movement project, co-funded by the European Commission (DG DEVCO) and the Turkish government. The community is composed of organizations, NGOs and institutions, which have as their mission the consumers protection through specific activities. The Stakeholder Community wants to be an instrument through which discuss the issues involving the world of consumerism, offering to its participants the opportunity to create synergies and partnerschip to improve consumer protection as well as to confront experts in the field.

How the Stakeholders Community works

Be part of the online Stakeholders Community provides access to a reserved and interactive area among members through which is possible to exchange best practices, ask for support and collaboration, invite participants to express interest for initiatives or specific projects, ask for advice, etc..

Furthermore, the participation to the online Stakeholders Community offers the possibility to access a juridical database on consumers rights with information cards and case studies in the field of individual and collective consumers protection.

Members can also take advantage of a service of juridical tutoring at distance offered for free by a lawyer, available via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Skype "Tutor4u", to provide information, ideas and tips on consumer protection tools, procedures and mechanisms already implemented in Italy and Europe with the aim at sharing best practices in consumer affairs.

The Aims of Community Stakeholders

-Transferring know how and specialized expertise to consumer associations;

-Creating occasions for mutual knowledge and dialogue between institutions and Civil Society Organizations, fostering consultation processes

-Providing Consumer association’s staff with long lasting expert tutorship and tools for fund raising, media campaigning, bilateral activities with companies;

-Approaching the cultural change of the Turkish market with a multi-stakeholder strategy;

-Strengthening the consumers movement;

-Improving the knowledge and understanding of the EU consumer acquis among all key actors;

-Fostering the involvement of civil society in the decision making process;

-Empowering consumers by awareness raising

To join the Community:

To attend the Community you need to register in the “Stakeholder Community” section, once filled out the registration form and you will be authorized by email in a few days to access the shared area.

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